1st Critique

This morning, I woke up to my first critique from Mark at Drawing Force! I was ecstatic! As embarrassing as it was to see my attempts at figure drawing being critiqued I felt really motivated. He wasn’t critiquing it in front of an audience of viewers which is what I appreciate. Just a video that only I could see (yes, I’m obviously very self conscious).

He critiqued my initial sketches that I did for a figure drawing challenge that I did a while ago (got frustrated at, and gave up on quick lol). I didn’t have anything else except my portrait drawing scraps and I guess since it is close to what I’ll be learning at Drawing Force, he reviewed those challenge sketches instead.

It is motivating! I’m getting good vibes from this and looking forward to trying the “Force” concept. I enjoyed the interaction from Mark this morning, and if I can keep a good routine with this, I’d love to try Mentorship in the future.